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Keep Your Furs Looking Their Best
Year After Year

  • Use a broad shouldered hanger.

  • Give your fur enough room in your closet so it doesn�t get crushed.

  • If your fur gets crushed or has fingerprints give it a good shake.

  • If your fur gets wet, it is not a problem. Just give it a good shake and hang to dry in an area where the air can circulate. In the unlikely event your fur gets soaked through to the leather, contact us.

  • Never place your fur near any heat source.
    Heat causes fur to dry out and become brittle.

  • Do not leave your furs in a garment bag of any kind (even a cloth one). Garment bags are for travel purposes only.

  • Avoid friction caused by the likes of sliding across a car seat. Friction causes the guard hairs to singe or even rub off.

  • Resist the temptation to continually �pet� your fur. It also causes friction.

  • When seated, open the bottom closure. This avoids stress that potentially causes the fur to rip in that area.

  • Never Ever put your furs in cedar or mothballs or leave in a  basement (too damp) or attic (too hot and dry).
  • Store your furs annually in our Climate-Controlled Vaults.

  • Have them revitalized, cleansed and conditioned each year.
Wear Often and Enjoy Every Moment!


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