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About Anne Dee Goldin        



She’s an innovative Creative with fresh ideas, great taste
and impeccable attention to even the smallest of details.

Anne Dee takes great pride in what she does:

She delivers an old world product with a modern spirit,
always of the highest quality.

All of her furs are handmade, one at a time, in New York City.

Each fur is one-of-a-kind. No two are ever exactly alike.

Her Studio off Seventh Avenue is a think tank, a showroom and a workroom where the ‘finest hands’ are busy sewing away.

Women-in-the-know visit Anne Dee at her studio for all their fur needs…
whether to repair, alter or restyle their outdated furs or to purchase anew,
be it custom or select off-the-rack.

Many lasting friendships have been forged through this creative and (yes) fun experience together.


Steeped in Tradition Yet Progressive in Thought.

Modern in Design Yet Fashion that Lasts.

Quality that Endures.



It has been said that in the world of fur, working at GoldinFeldman was like
getting a degree from Harvard. If that’s the case, Anne Dee Goldin earned her doctorate.

GoldinFeldman, the legendary New York based fur company, was founded in 1909 by both of her grandfathers. Anne Dee came on board in 1980, thus launching its third generation.

She had the great privilege of being trained by her father Fred Goldin who was credited for his innovation in fur and bringing the New York Fur Industry to the next level. Anne Dee worked her way up the corporate ladder, learning everything about fur along the way. She also brought a fresh eye to this venerable business, giving the company a new energy and vision.

The unbeatable combination of her father’s know-how and Anne Dee’s talent attracted some of the world’s most influential designers, including Saint Laurent, Chloe, Anne Klein, Geoffrey Beene and Narciso Rodriquez to create their fur collections, sold worldwide.

It was in the 1980s that GoldinFeldman became a household name (well, households of a certain income level). Seeking to expand brand recognition, Anne Dee took on advertising and marketing. Working with the hippest ad men and the hottest photographers and models, she created revolutionary ad campaigns and marketing strategies revolutionary to the fur industry.

In 2000, Anne Dee stepped out from behind the designers’ labels and created her eponymous brand Anne Dee Goldin New York. The concept, new at that time, but always a penchant of hers, was to treat fur as fabric in outerwear, sportswear, and accessories. Geared to a younger clientele (not only in age but in spirit), it was a modern approach to an age-old industry. It was no longer about 'your mother's fur coat'. Her red-hot collection was featured in the finest (and coolest) stores and purchased by the chicest women.

Today Anne Dee is focused on working one-on-one with individual clients, giving them her full attention. Anne Dee Goldin New York and GoldinStyle covers all of their fur needs. Each fur is a gem, unique to itself. Anne Dee loves the creative process.

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