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(We’re great with them.)


Whether a Wild or Mild Winter
or a little bit of both…


As a matter of fact, their long life and good looks depend on it.
It is vital to the well being of all furs, old or new, that they are
stored, cleansed and maintained annually.

Repair. Replenish. Revitalize.

At GoldinStyle, your furs will receive the tender loving
attention they deserve to keep them looking their best.
We’re the experts and take great pride in the work we do.


An Array of Luxury Services from
Your Closet to Ours


  • Complimentary Door-to-Door Courier Service
  • Thorough Inspection & Suggestion Report for each fur
  • Spacious, climate controlled, air purified vaults
  • State-of-the-art cleansing and conditioning
    for fur, shearling, leather and suede
  • Expert workroom: no repair too big or too small
  • Anne Dee Goldin Studio: restyle your outdated furs
  • Furs returned to you in pristine condition


Shop Your Closet with
Anne Dee Goldin

Update your furs. Make them modern. Pull those coats you wouldn't dream of wearing and turn them into something you couldn't dream of living without.

Anne Dee Goldin's style, fashion sense and endless ideas will assure up-to-the-moment chic. Meet with her at her Studio in New York.


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